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Tulipa bakeri ‘Lilac Wonder’ (botanical Tulip)

This has always been one of our most desired species of ‘Botanical Tulip’, having bright yellow-eyed pink flowers early in spring, usually around April.

‘Botanical Tulips’ are basically the wild species of Tulip that grow wild across parts of Europe, the Mediterranean, Central Asia and the Middle-East. Some of these species were the ancestors of the modern Tulip hybrids that have become well-known. Most Botanical Tulips are smaller than the hybrid types, and tend to flower early in the year just after the Crocus and around the time of many Narcissi.

Tulipa bakeri Lilac Wonder

Tulipa bakeri ‘Lilac Wonder’ is a selected form of the species, with lovely pink flowers which make a real addition to the usual springtime color palette.

These bulbs can be naturalized, but generally do better in a rockery, raised bed or container, where they benefit from the drainage and sheltered microclimate.

A gentle balanced liquid feeding in the springtime, around the same time as flowering, will help the bulbs scavenge enough potassium (and other nutrients) for a good flowering result the following year.

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